Worksheet – Component

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Worksheets components –  A worksheet is combination of cells and contains the object itself to be used for development. Below are some basic component a user must be familiar with it before going to use excel spreadsheet/worksheet.

  • Tab – each tab has components and tools to be used on excel spreadsheets.
    • OPTION – Home , Insert , Page layout , Formulas , Data, Review, View
  • Status Bar – it shows the active cells location
  • Formula Bar – it shows the actual property of cells , it can be a formulas and and exact values
  • ROW – srerial number up to down selection point  Index ( 1 to 1048576)
  • COLUMN – alphbet  or Index ( A to XFD)
  • Sheets /Worksheet/ Spreadsheet – contains all the object itself which has to be used for development
  • TABLE – design a table to store the data on cells
  • CELL – Single Cell
  • INDEX – Array or list
  • Scroll Bar– helps to move a Sheet left – right , up-down move


Snapshot for the reference that shows components – which is relevant to a worksheet

Workbook Understanding