Why Learn Excel

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Excel’s Abilities –

  • Quality analysis – Coloring options (Conditional Formatting) and data authentication with formulas.
  • Business & Data Analysis – data tools for all type of analysis options – data crunching, number crunching formulas and data analysis tools.
  • Database files – Multiple spreadsheet/Worksheet option in Single Workbook.
  • Develop reports– Report, Dashboards, Crystal reports and Data summarize options.
  • Summarize and organize the Data– Template, table, report format designing on spreadsheet.
  • Option to develop the software– With the help of VBA/HTML /selenium – library
  • Database Connection – Connectivity with Databases like -Oracle/SQL,Access, ODBC, Cloud etc.
  • Graphical Presentation– Plot data and show graphically with the help of charts.
  • Formulas and Function– Financial, Logical, Text, lookup and reference Statistical, Math & trigonometry , Data & Time, cube , information , compatibility and  engineering.
  • Security and Validations options – user restriction options, and security options.
  • Define Variable options – Variable defines for cells/range.