VBA – Cells selection

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Dynamic range selection and uses of Cells

A cell property occures the number for row and column and it is refered to worksheet’s cell, when a card or manually passes the value to cell property in VBA scripting it selects the single cell on worksheet.

Cells arguments are – Row_index and Column Index

Row_index = single no. of row to be selected
Col_index = single no. of col to be selected

Example : cells(1,1).select     ‘it is referenced for single cell  by VBA Code and selection of cell on worksheet is “A1”.

If starting point is not specified, it considers whole worksheets. also a starting point of selection can be defined from certain point in the worksheet.

3 subs just copy and understand the logic

Sub CellsSelection()

‘======= if starting range is not specified so cells(1,1) = “a1″ ======
Cells(1, 1).Select ‘”a1” will be activated

‘ specified starting range
Range(“b5”).Cells(1, 1).Select ‘ start point

End Sub


Demonstrated through loop – increment 1 row and 1 column

Sub Increment_trail ()

Dim x as long

For x = 1 to 10
Cells(x,x).value = x & “CellSelection”
Next x

End Sub

Start from certain range – copy below code and try

Sub Increment_trail_FromCertainPoint()

Dim x As Long

For x = 1 To 10

        Range(“b5”).Cells(x, x).Value = x * 10
Range(“b5”).Cells(0, x).Value = x & “Header”
Range(“b5”).Cells(x, 0).Value = x

                          Next x

End Sub