SQL – Overview before starting

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SQL objects’ and components overview before starting with sql server.After downloading and installation of SQL Server ,

Note: Multiple SQL instances can be downloaded on the same machine.

After receiving or created the login credential a user will access a database or need to create it manually. But a user database is not created if the fresh SQL server installed on a machine.

  • SQL Server
  • Query writing page
  • Database Name
  • Table Name
  • Columns Name

Create a database if it is a fresh installation on local computer and need to create a table or can import the table from import wizard from excel,csv, ms access ect. file source.

Also a user can download the script for adventure work Database and paste query on query page and execute. A Database with “Adventure work” will be created with tables.

Download a database and table script for new user  – https://msftdbprodsamples.codeplex.com/downloads/get/373779


8. Start Management Studio - Table created - ExcelinHindi.com