SQL – Create Database / DB

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SQL – Create Database/DB

A database contains all objects itself including meta data/log file and objects like function , triggers , stored procedures , views etc and can be restored on different machine.

Syntax –

Create Database NameOfDatabase


Create Database Item_Master
Note: – After executed the command refresh the objects.

Database create command - excelinHindi

Get the Files location of Database – SELECT Name, Physical_name as Dabase_FilePath  FROM sys.master_files 

Over View of SQL Database and files concept.

SQL – Database based on MDF File and LDF file group. When a database is created, SQL (default) creates two files  MDF (Meta Data File) and LDF file (Log data file)


MDF – mdf file stores the object like  – tables, stored procedures, views, triggers etc.

Log  – it keeps the records of all the transactions is executed on database , it helps to recover the database in disaster recovery situation and can recover all the database if backed up of the logs.

Note – a database can have single MDF file and multiple NDF files and  log files. (It is located in Files Group options ) , it is required to manage the storage of a database