Present Story -1 – Active

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Own Story – Basic Learning  (short passage)  – Present Tense

We used some present tenses – below is the basic detail and highlighted with colors wherever rules are used.

Tense – colors will be matched within paragraph according to the tenses
Present Continuous –      is/am/are – verb+ing
Present Prefect –    has/have + 3rd form
Passive –    is/am/are + 3rd Form of the verbs
Passive –    is/am/are + being + 3rd form of the verbs
Possession(have/ is/am/are ) , like – I have a car , he is a doctor

Watch (Watch , Watched , watched)
Buy ( bought , bought , bought)
Excite ( excite, excited , excited)
Come ( come , came , come )
Do ( do , did , done )

HAVE BEEN WATCHING matches SINCE my childhood, today I AM GOING to watch a match in a stadium, we HAVE BOUGHT 5 tickets and DRESSED ourselves for a favorite team, I HAVE BEEN in a stadium so many times, but is the final match so I DO NOT want to miss the opportunity to watch this match, i AM very EXCITED and WATCHED all the matches of this tournament.

As I HAVE GOT the information that more than 30 thousand people ARE COMING to watch this match and it IS GOING to be the best experience of my life, because it IS the first time that a final match IS BEING ORGANIZED in this town. I HAVE DONE so much preparation also I HAVE a board in my hands because I want to attract the camera at my side.