Pivot Table – English Page

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Pivot Table- It is “Manager’s special tool ” , data can be summarized very quickly for data analysis or report output.     ( Handle Large Data with – All Other Uses of Pivot Table )

  • PIVOT TABLE – this can be used for multiple task, basic use for summarize the data.
  • Basic Architecture – first it groups the data and provides the option to set on row level and column with value aggregate option , filters can be applied in report filter    (Also click for Dynamic Pivot Table)

PivotTableImage (Copy)Field – all field will be displayed in this section

ROW label – Which field has to be grouped and will reflect on row label
COLUMN label – Which field has to be grouped and will reflect on column label
VALUE – Option to aggregate values on sum, count, average( Mean) , min, max, var, std etc.

Add filelds-PivotTable


  • PIVOT TABLE – Table is showing each value on group (it will appear only once, because it has been grouped ) and number has been summed up (calculation type can be changed just right lick on table, option will be appeared).
  • You can view in the raw data subject “English” is repeated many times.

Report Done Pivot Table (Copy)


REPORT filer – this option provides the flexibility to filter a report.

Example – “Grade” is selected in report filter, just click on filter and change the criteria, report will be changed basis on it. It is just like a criteria option to input for report.


Report FilterReport Filter

Numbers Formatting



Change calculation (Copy)