English – Sentence Starter 1

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  Word Pronunciation Meaning
  Which व्हिच कौन , जो
  How हाउ कैसे
  Where  वेर / ह्वेर जहाँ पर
  Who हु कौन , जो
  Whom  हूम किसको
  When वेन कब
  What Time वट किस समय
  How Long  कितने अंतराल
  Why वाय क्यों


Questions – 

Which animal is your favorite? / Which is your favorite animal

How do you find the best mobile? 

Where do you stay?

Who is the highest contributor in your family, which helps you in the study?

What time do you go for a morning walk?

How long do you have to wait for a bus?

Why are you not coming at the time these days?