English – Personal Opinion

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Personal opinion and point of view

Word PrenounciationMeaning
As I see itएज़ आइ सी इटजैसा की मैं देखता हूँ
From where I standफ्रम वेर आइ स्टैन्डजहां से मैं खड़ा हूँ
In my opinionइन माइ ओपिनियनमेरी राय में
In my viewइन माइ व्यू मेरे विचार में
I believeआइ बिलीवमेरा विश्वास ​​है
I considerआइ कन्सिडरमेरा मानना है
I feelआइ फीलमै महसूस करता हूँ
I thinkआइ थिंकमेरा सोचना है
It is my beliefइट इज़ माइ बिलीफयह मेरा विश्वास है
It seems to me thatइट सीम्ज़ टू मी दैटमुझे लगता है कि
Let me say personallyलेट मी से पर्सनलीव्यक्तिगत रूप से कहूँ
From my point of viewफर्म माइ पॉइन्ट अवमेरे नज़रिये से
This is my viewpointदैट/दिस इज़ माइ व्यूपॉइन्टयह मेरा दृष्टिकोण है कि
As far as I am concernedएज़ फार ऐज़जहाँ तक मेरा संबंध है
As for meएज़ फॉर मीमेरे लिए


Education System  – (Group disucussions)

As far as I am concerned about the education system in India is growing up, but it is very difficult to manage the fee structure of schooling education which is very expensive to the middle class family, from my point of view government should work  and interfere in it. It is hard to provide good education to the child and cut down living expenses just because of paying the fee for good education, I think it should be maintained with an inflation rate of the market and as i consider it does not make sense parents are and spending 1 * 5 money just sake of activities in the school which is 3-5 times expensive than a normal school fee.

This is my point of view that parents also must have awareness where they are going , yes, it is difficult to find the suitable school, but if I say personally that family’s support plays a vital role in the child’s education, weather a school is not very good but your parents’ awareness and regular tracking of subjects and study material can take place.

In my view a child needs the answers of his questions when he requires to solve it and it is my belief, at home parents or a tuition master can be a perfect mentor. As i see and have seen that when we work in a group and solves the query it works faster and enhance the chances of growth in education. Let me say personally i was not in a very good school, but the school principle followed some basic and smart strategy to train their students during education.

As I consider and my point of view that parents must be aware about the education system and style of teaching in the classes and We should ask to a principle, “What can be the basic strategies is being followed by your teachers to train a child “, when we go for an admission instead to pay high amount fees. It seems to me that it has become very expensive to provide good education for a child, and so many people have registered a complaint against the higher fee. From where I stand and can see it is going to be more expensive if the government does not interfere and can increase the reservation problem which is not good for any country’s development and for their people.  

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