English – Do / Does

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DO/DOES  – ता है , ती है  , ते  है  

Concept – जो काम हम दिनचर्या मैं करते  है , या कोई काम daily दिनचर्या मैं होता है ,     या हमे लगता है यह किसी की भी दिनचर्या ,  वहा पर हम simple do/does का USE करते  है

MODAL            SUBJECT
DO                    I,We,You,They, Plural
DOES               He,She,It,Name , Singular

Do – SimpleSubject + Verb(S,Es) + ObjectVerb 1st + S , ES
Does SimpleSubject + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Do NotSubject + Do + Not + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does NotSubject + Does + Not + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Do ?Do + Subject + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does ?Does + Subject + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Do + Not ?Do Not + Subject + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does + Not ?Does Not + Subject + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st


Verb Used

Simple SentencesSentence Type
goI go to delhi+
takeI take bath daily+
playHe plays basket ball+
eatHe eats food+
goHe does not go to market-
takeI don’t take tea-
getDo you get up early??
playDoes he play football??
runDo you not run fast??
speakDoes he not speak clearly??


My friends come 5-6 times in 3-4 month. verb-Come ( Come , Came , Come)
मेरे दोस्त 3-4 महीने में 5-6 बार आ जाते है

Ram Goes to School. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
राम स्कूल जाता है

Ramesh plays chess. verb-Play ( Play, Played , Played)
रमेश चैस खेलता है

my friend goes london once in a year. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
मेरा दोस्त साल में एक बार लंदन जाता है

this machine works fine. verb-Work ( Work, Worked , Worked)
यह मशीन सही से काम करती है

this train always comes on the time. verb-Come ( Come , Came , Come)
यह ट्रैन हमेशा टाइम पर आती है

Vijay teaches us well. verb-Teach ( Teach , Taught ,Taught )
विजय हमे अच्छे से पढ़ाई कराता है

I do brush everyday. verb-Bursh ( Brush, Brushed, Brushed )
में सुबह रोज ब्रश करता हूँ

Those people always do chit chat in the class. verb-Do ( Do , Did , Done )
वो लोग क्लास में हमेशा बात चीत करते है


Simple – Friends’s Routine

My friend works very hard and his routine is very hectic, he gets up early in the morning at 5 o’clock, he does (verb) 50 pushups and runs continuously for 2 km, he takes 5 eggs in the morning to maintain the energy, he reads a newspaper in the morning to keep himself update, he does not take coffee or tea, he goes to college and attends the every lecture, he plays cricket and badminton for physical exercise and after the college goes back to the home he takes 1 hour sleep and gets up back at 5 o’clock, his family supports him a lot and also provide him the freedom to explore new things. In the evening we both play together and study for 2 hours.


Has to / Have to – पड़ता है, पड़ते  है, पड़ती  है, ना है, नी है, ने है 

Concept –  जो कुछ करना हमारी  मजबूरी  , या उसको  करना जरूरी है , या हमे करना पड़ता   है या करने है !   ऐसे SENETENCES को उपयोग करने के लिए Has/Have To उपयोग करते  है


Have                                 I,We,You,They, Plural
Has                                   He,She,It,Name , Singular

Sentence TypeFormulaVerb’s form
Have tosubject + have to + verb + objectVerb 1st
Has to ( it can be used in only positive) subject + has to + verb + objectVerb 1st
Do Not + Have ToSubject + Do Not + Have To + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does Not + Have ToSubject + Does Not + Have To + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Positive ?
Do Not + Have Todo + Subject +have to Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does Not + Have Todoes + Subject +have to Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Negative ?
Do Not + Have Todo not + Subject +have to + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st
Does Not + Have Todoes not + Subject +have to + Verb + ObjectVerb 1st



I have to go home early. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
मुझे घर जल्दी जाना है

I have to drink milk. verb-Drink ( Drink, Drunk , Drunk )
मुझे दूध पीना पड़ता है

ram has to get up in the morning. verb-Get ( Get , Got , Got )
राम को सुबह जल्दी उठना पड़ता है

she has to teach children. verb-Teach ( Teach , Taught ,Taught )
उसे बच्चो को पढ़ाना पड़ता है

today , I don’t have to work on this lesson. verb-Work ( Work, Worked , Worked)
मुझे आज इस लेसन पर काम नही करना है

I have to travel/go by this train. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
मुझे इसी ट्रैन से जाना पड़ता है

she does not have to study a lot. verb-Study ( Study , Studied , Studied )
उन्हें ज्यादा नही पड़ना पड़ता है

I have to do all the work of home. verb-Work ( Work, Worked , Worked)
घर सारा काम मुझे ही करना पड़ता है

she has to go to market in the morning. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
उसे रोज़ सुबह मार्किट जाना पड़ता है

I have to go to office early. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
मुझे ऑफिस जल्दी जाना पड़ता है