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Can – सकता है  , सकते  है  , सकती  है 

Concept – जब हम महसूस करते है की यह हो सकता है या इसे किया जा सकता , इस तरह के SENTENCE के लिए CAN का उपयोग किया जाता  है

Sentence TypeFormula
CANsubject + CAN + verbs 1st form + object
CAN NOTSubject + CAN + Not + verb’s 1st Form + Object
Question + Positive
CAN ?CAN + Subject + verb’s 1st Form + Object
Question – Negative
CAN NOT ?CAN not + Subject + verb’s 1st Form + Object


I can go to home early. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
मै घर जल्दी जा सकता हूँ

I can play. verb-Play ( Play, Played , Played)
में खेल सकता हूँ

I can sing a song. verb-Sing ( Sing , Sang , Sung )
में गाना गा सकता हूँ

Now children can have holidays from school. verb-Get ( Get , Got , Got )
अब बच्चो को स्कूल से छुट्टी मिल सकती है

We all can go to see match. verb-See ( See , Saw , Seen )
हम अभी मैच देखने चल सकते है

They can not come to play match. verb-Come ( Come , Came , Come )
वो मैच खेलने नहीं आ सकते

He can not swim easily. verb-Swim ( Swim, Swam , Swum )
वो आसानी से स्विम कर सकता है

Today He can do his all the work. verb-Work ( Work, Worked , Worked)
वो आज ही सारा काम कर सकता है

Now we can go to vacation. verb-Go ( Go , Went , Gone )
अब हम घूमने जा सकते है

Now we can talk on phone. verb-Talk ( Talk , Talked , Talked )
अब हम फ़ोन पर बात कर सकते है


Questions – Collection for Examinition 

We are collecting questions and answers for the final example. If we don’t work hard then we CAN have to face a problem, so we can try or go to the teacher who CAN help us to find out the related questions which CAN help us to get more marks in the exams.

Yesterday I asked Amit “Can you please help us to create question bank, ” he said he CAN help us because he gets good marks in the exams , even last year he was ranked 1 in all the sections. We have collected 100+ questions and CAN review all before the exam.




Passive Voice


Sentence TypeFormula
CAN BEsubject + CAN BE + Verb’s 3rd Form + object
CAN NOT BEsubject + CAN NOT BE + Verb’s 3rd Form + object
CAN BE ? CAN subject + BE + Verb’s 3rd Form + object
CAN NOT BE ? CAN NOT subject + BE + Verb’s 3rd Form + object