Data to Data – Summary to Summary

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Data to Data –

  • select data
  • insert a pivot table - 1Data to Data

  • Pivot table is showing summary in compact form
  • Now do some changes through design
  • Set subtotal and Grand total off
  • Select layout in tabular form and select repeat all item labels option - 2Data to Data


  •  Data has been grouped and total rows are 41259 - 3Data to Data


Grouped/Summary data to Summary

  • First insert a pivot table
  • Refer table/range to pivot table ( select source must be in raw data form)
    • You can also put a dynamic range for it – for auto refresh – (specially when you use “Report Filter”)
  • Now you can create a Summary - 1Pivot Summary to Pivot Summary

  • Now you can create a summary from Pivot table or you can do some manipulation on it - 2Pivot Summary to Pivot Summary