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CONDITIONAL FORMATTING – it helps to highlight the cells basis on given criteria.

  • Compare numbers greater than, less than , begin Etc. and highlight the cells  with many options like color,font , number and text style etc.
  • Duplicates values can be found by the help of it
  • Highlight values positive to negative  and negative to positive with color style and icon options.
  • Conditional Formatting1 - Excel in hindi
  • Highlight cells with the help of formulas
  • Formulas Example – if output of Sales/Sales Target and it is  >20% , then cell will be highlight with  green color.
  1. Select range
  2. click on conditional formatting
  3. use formula option

Note : Put your condition (for batter use first try condition on normal cell and then put in conditional formula option).


Conditional Formatting2 - Excel in hindi