Basic Formulas – English Page

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Start with Excel – Working on excel spreadsheet and use the basic mathematical function helps to manipulate the data and present .  Excel provides the options to  calculate the values and can be used for business review, analysis  and reporting.

We should first start with the basic functions because excel has the power to use more than 100 functions including complex functions.Below are the basic formulas and user should start leaning with it.

Below are the formulas which is useful to start with EXCEL.

  • Sum, Count, Counta, Min, Max, Average
  • SUM – get the total of values (numeric)
  • COUNT – count to the numeric values
  • COUNTA – count to the numeric and string
  • MIN (Minimum) – Get the lowest value from values (numeric)
  • MAX (Maximum) – Get the highest value from values (numeric)
  • AVERAGE (mean) – Get the average value from values (numeric)

Note : Above mentioned all formulas have flexibility to select single cells and multiple cells or range to get results.


Sum Formula

  • Plus all values in of range and get a total of salaries in a single cell with the result. Which can be done through sum formula. use can pass the values through range selection as well as one by one each value selection.

Sum Example - excelinhindi


Count Formulas

  • It counts  only numeric values and result will be count of number values.

Difference between Count and CountA

  • CountA means – Count All – it includes all data types, numbers, values, strings, including errors etc even it counts a single  space in the cell.
  • Count – it counts only number values.


Max Formula

  • Get maximum (Largest number value) value from selected range or cell -Max Function

Min Formula

  • Get Minimum (Smallest number value) value from the selected range or cell. -Min Function

Average Formula

  • Average (arithmetic Mean) ( Total value/ Total count)   Click for