Filter – English Page

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FILTER -This is very useful component and user must be aware about its functionality. it is very basic and most important easy to use- Shortcut key ( Ctrl+Shift+L)
Note – it can be used at many places in excel – for Conditional Formatting, Pivot Table and row data filter.


  • EQUALS – Find out the exact value , which is input    (it is not case sensitive and can be used for string)
  • DOES NOT EQUAL – Select all values which is not equal to input value  (it is not case sensitive and can be used for string)
  • IS GREATER THAN – “>” Find out the greater values to the input value( compares only numeric values)
  • IS GREATER THAN OR EQUAL – “>=” Find out the equal or greater value  ( Click on “OR” Radio button)
  • IS LESS THAN – “<” Find out the less value to the input values
  • IS LESS THAN OR EQUAL TO – “=<” Find out the less  or equal value to the input value (Click on “OR” Radio button)
  • BEGINS WITH – Find out the characters ,which starts with input characters
  • DOES NOT BEGIN WITH – Find out the characters, which doesn’t start with input characters
  • ENDS WITH – Find out the values ,which ends with input characters
  • DOES NOT END WITH – Find out the values which does not end with input value
  • CONTAINS – find out the values if contains input value
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN – find out the values which doesn’t contain input value